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Dirty Passion - s/t


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From FB:


Here we go!!!

"The time has finally come for the guys in Dirty Passion to
release their new album.
After touring all over the world with the last Album In wonderland
the hard working guys went into the studio and recorded this new Selftitled Album wich will be thier third full length in order.
The new album goes back to basics with a modern twist.
The songs on the new album are faster, rougher, and with more edgy lyrics. All this because of a different approach to songwriting and a different vibe within the band.
Dirty Passion will release the new Album Dirty Passion worldwide
February 22th."





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We have decided to take a break from DIRTY PASSION .
It`s been acouple of busy years (2012-13-14-15) with several great European tours with hundreds of shows, 2 albums, videos etc.
We`ve reach the point where we all feel that we need to do other stuff for a while. With that, we can not focus on working on a new album or do tours right now.
instead of breaking up the band ,we have decided to take a break.

We will be back and we will put out another album in the future. But we will NOT rush to get it done, or change members for a while just to put out something new.
We can`t say when we`re back, But we will be back for sure!

Thank you all for the support and a special thanks to Håkan, Michelle and J-strand for helping us out on tours!

See you later rockers!

Micke, Nas, Chrisse & Kriss

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