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Meet GWAR's new Vocalists....

Fat Freddy

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...yes, I said "vocalists." As in plural. The space rocker scumdogs have taken the unusual step of replacing the late Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) with two (!) new members - Blothar the Berserker and Vulvatron. While Blothar will apparently be the main/lead vocalist, Vulvatron is described as "co-lead vocalist," for whatever that's worth. The pair made their live debut with GWAR at the 2014 Riot Fest in Chicago in early September.


Vulvatron (whose onstage trademark will be blood-spewing boobies) has her own Twitter and Facebook pages, where she promises "if anyone sends me Candy Crush requests, I will hit them with my Blood Mace." I think Dave/Oderus would approve. :lmao:

More info here:

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^^ Their catalog can be very hit-or-miss, my fave is "America Must Be Destroyed" but "Ragnarok" and "Scumdogs Of the Universe" are cool too....last CD of theirs I bought was "War Party," which was three or four albums ago.


I love their shtick, though. The characters, the back story, etc. cracks me the f*ck up

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Well, so much for Vulvatron. GWAR has announced that Kim Dylla, who played the new female Scumdog on their most recent tour, has been dismissed.


If this post on Dylla's Facebook is to be believed, it sounds like there was some ugliness behind the scenes:


It's really nice when you find out important things from people you consider to be your friends from posts on the internet and messages from strangers. There is something called basic respect not existing in that modus of communication. That being said, I'm currently looking for a new vocal gig with a serious metal band that likes to tour their asses off. Doesn't matter what style but no core b.s., no symphonic metal. Must be chill dudes and down with beer drinking hellraisers. Must not be threatened by strong women, no deep-seated drama. Location unimportant.


GWAR sez the Vulvatron character will return in the future, portrayed by a different person.

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