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Beggarz Fizz - Rouse The Rabble EP


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New EP out now.


Get it here (£5): http://beggarzfixx.bigcartel.com/



From www.uberrock.co.uk (review by Ross Welford):


Old skool cock rock. Simple as.


Beggarz Fixx are here with six tracks of pure adrenalin-fuelled sleaze to rock your world back into 1988. Wailing vocals, screeching guitars, tales of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll are all you need for this Brighton-based band to transport you back to the days when da Crüe were edgy, Aerosmith were clean and GN'R still had Izzy.....


After support slots with Reckless Love, Mallory Knox and Love/Hate the band now releases this EP to start a major push for national recognition and, with songs like these, they're off to a decent start.


The big chorus in 'Burn It Down' is only overshadowed by a major solo and needs to be heard whilst the Skid Row-esque 'Sick N' Tired' is a belter of a song that compliments everyone in the band and is the song that could be the track that drags you into their world. 'Outta Control' channels the Swedish bands that do this style so well and is yet another quality addition to an impressive piece of work.


This style of rock may have been done to death over the years but when it's done this good, there really is no better example of rock 'n' roll at its best. Sleaze and cock rock may have been pushed under the carpet a long time ago when the pool was flooded by crap but listening to something as simple and quintessentially slutty as this, makes it a knicker wetting relief that some bands still love it as much as I do.



Beggarz Fixx:


Chazza B Bennett - Lead Vocals
Mykki Felyxx - Guitar, backing vocals
Danni Oakheart - Guitar, backing vocals
Zakky Redlöxx- Bass, backing vocals
BILLY KiDD - Drums, backing vocals










....And The Devil You Know

Outta Control

Gimme Some

Burn It Down

Sick 'n ' Tired









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