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Dead End Heroes - Roadkill


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From http://BANNED WEBSITE.blogspot.com/2014/06/DEAD-END-HEROES-RoadKill-2014-Whitesnake-Europe-Foreigner-Deep-Purple-Doug-Aldritch-Doogie-White.html


For the end of the first half of the year German label AOR Heaven are unleashing two great albums for all Melodic Hard Rock enthusiasts to enjoy; one of them is DEAD END HEROES debut "RoadKill".
It’s hard to believe that Dead End Heroes merely started out as a bunch of instrumental songs laid down by Swiss drummer Daniel Voegeli. It seems that so impressed was guitarist / producer Rolf Munkes by the talent of the sticksman, however, that he suggested forming an actual band around these tracks.
And so was born Dead End Heroes, with Voegeli and Munkes being joined by German vocalist Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (LaValle), Scottish bassist Paul Logue – best known for his work with Eden’s Curse – and keyboardist / Hammond organist Holger Seeger.

As debut albums go, "RoadKill" is right up there with some of 2014’s best releases.
The album swings into fashion with the pumping title track which gets things started with a great hard rocking vibe that doesn’t let up for all 11 songs. All players involved are top notch musicians and all help to create some very catchy, hook driven melodic Euro-styled hard rock music.


I hear elements of Whitesnake (1987) and Europe / Kee Marcello, but don’t expect a clone of either as Dead End Heroes definitely put their own spin on things and keep it fresh and vibrant all aver the record.
The song with the same name as the band, "Dead End Heroes", is a harder stomper with a backbone of pulverising drums and scorching leads, it’s bare bones hard rock bolstered by Schulz’s sleazy vocal rasp. Hell, this guy has a serious set of pipes that run amok here; effortlessly they blow the speakers as the guitars and bass work in cohorts to bring the levels of intensity to boiling point.

Guitarist & producer Ralph Munkes (Doogie White & La Paz) really shines on the record with some incredible lead work. If David Coverdale takes a listen to his lead work on my favorite track of the album, "Stormfront", he may very well take recently departed Doug Aldritch’s place!
Keyboard player Holger Seeger also tears it up here with superb, classic-styled keyboard solo, while his Hammond playing on many numbers on the CD really adds a lot to the songs.


Nothing beats a debut album that boasts self-assurance by the bucket-load, and "RoadKill" just oozes class from beginning to end.
Dead End Heroes have recorded a superb classic Melodic Hard Rock record that exude a real mean streak and never comes to uninvited subtlety, despite the technical prowess of the musicians involved.
I truly hope the band get the proper well-deserved push as they definitely impress with this debut.



Carsten Lizard Shulz - Vocals
Ralph Munkes - Guitars
Daniel Voegeli - Drums
Paul Logue - Bass
Holger Seeger - Keyboards












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