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Big Wreck - Ghosts


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Listen to 'Ghosts', love the guitar and the fucking bass...



From thatericalper.com:


Big Wreck will release their highly anticipated new album Ghosts, June 10 on Anthem/Warner Music in Canada. The lead single and title track from their latest full-length “Ghosts” is currently streaming via the band’s website.


Ghosts is Big Wreck’s fourth studio album and the follow-up to 2012’s Albatross, which
received widespread critical acclaim. The album debuted at #5 on Canada’s Top 200 Chart and
hit #25 on the US Billboard HeatSeekers chart. Albatross featured multiple radio hits, including
the lead single “Albatross”, which held the #1 spot at rock radio in Canada for 6 weeks.


Recorded at Revolution Studios and Vespa Studios in Toronto, the new album was once
again produced by Big Wreck’s singer-guitarist Ian Thornley, alongside producers Nick
Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush) and Eric Ratz (Monster Truck, Billy Talent). While
Ghosts stays true to the driving intensity, booming drum sound and unbridled guitar virtuosity
that has always made Big Wreck so appealing, it also explores bold new aural territory.


“Now I find that I’m finally getting through a lot of concepts and tricks that I’ve always wanted to try on a record but had previously put on the backburner or even forgotten about,” says
Thornley. “This time, nothing felt forced or rushed, everything just felt right and it’s so great to finally be able to indulge and to have that be okay.”


Atmospherically, Ghosts explores an incredibly wide range of sounds, some that fans might
not expect to hear from the band. “The creative palette is a lot broader on this record, and
sonically there’s a lot more going on that I just haven’t heard before,” notes Ian. “This record
has it all for me. We’ve cut out the things that just didn’t feel right––there’s none of that in
there––every little noise, every little nuance adds something to the ether of each track and it
all sounds exactly like what we wanted.” Having tackled everything from piano interludes to
80’s inspired gated reverb, Ghosts reveals a side of Big Wreck that is unabashedly musical.
“If Albatross sort of re-opened the door for us as Big Wreck, then this new album definitely
kicks it down.”


For a band that planted their roots nearly 20 years ago, Big Wreck has finally arrived at that
place where all of the pieces fit. The walls are down, the chemistry is electric and the output
is their most fearless brand of rock and roll to date.











  1. "A Place To Call Home" - 7:41
  2. "I Digress" - 4:32
  3. "Ghosts" - 6:11
  4. "My Life" - 4:27
  5. "Hey Mama" - 6:19
  6. "Diamonds" - 5:09
  7. "Friends" - 5:45
  8. "Still Here" - 7:47
  9. "Break" - 5:29
  10. "Off and Running" - 5:10
  11. "Come What May" - 3:14
  12. "War Baby" - 7:03
  13. "A Place To Call Home (Reprise)" - 1:07


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