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Zombie:Union (Marc Farrano/Faith Circus) - Bum In The Sun/Make The Myt


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From FB:


Featuring former and current members of Guns n’ Roses, Kiss, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, House Of Lords, Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Dio, Queensrÿche, Union, and many others…

So...what is ZOMBIE:UNION?!

Well...it sure as shit ain't got anything to do with dead people walking, WWZ, or video games guaranteed to rot your brain (Hey! We're over 25! We don't get it! Aiit?!). No, it's just another description for a gathering of freaks, social outcasts, shadow creatures...ROCK MUSICIANS!! People famously known for sleeping all day and roaming around at night...

Although keeping FAITH CIRCUS as the main occupation, it's great and extremely healthy to have a creative outlet unbound by outside interference, expectations, or a time frame!

At the moment two separate albums are being worked on! The "Faith Circus like" (or as Quiet Riot/ex-House Of Lords bass player Chuck Wright called it "Van Halen w/Hagar meets Ac/Dc!"), "BUM IN THE SUN" featuring Ken Mary (drums) & Chuck Wright (bass), and the slightly darker/heavier "MAKE THE MYTHS" with none other than living legends Tommy Aldridge (drums) & Rudy Sarzo (bass)!!

An assortment of world-class guitarists as well as some up and coming axe men are bringing their A-game to both albums.

Songs for "B.I.T.S" & "M.T.M" have been written/compiled by Marc Farrano over the course of many, many years (some tunes even going back to 1996!)...either written for a special project, or deemed "unfit" for what became FAITH CIRCUS!

So let the two Youtube teasers wet your appetite for the time being...the albums will be released...when finished!...hopefully sometime in 2014!



Rough mix of Seven Mountain High from 'Bum In The Sun':


Marc Farrano: Lead vocals/b.g.v./rhythm & acoustic guitars
Pete Fry: Lead & rhythm guitars
H.K. Rein: Add. lead & rhythm guitars Tomtom: Perc. & programming
Chuck Wright: Bass
Ken Mary: Drums





Rough mix of Speak When Spoken To from 'Make The Myths':


Marc Farrano: Lead vocals/b.g.v./rhythm & acoustic guitars
Lasse Bjerkan: Lead/rhythm/slide & backward guitars
Tomtom: Perc. & programming
MF, Camilla Nerdal, Baard Nordvik, H.K. Rein: Demon choir
Rudy Sarzo: Bass
Tommy Aldridge: Drums



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