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Who owns Million $ Reoad's ''A Sinner's Saint&#39


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I'm sick of what they tell us

and you see it in the magazines

what to believe ain't in our t.v. screens

do they think we haven't minds of our own

I'll make my own choice when I've got all I know


I got my own eyes and I know what I like

I don't fall for your pre-conceptions

so don't tell me what to do at night

keep pushin' if you want a reaction


persuading, its nothing new

just lies they, feed to you


While you get to livin' and your paying the man

dictating the laws that make a rock n' roll band

I don't prescribe to those made up rules

won't say I'm sorry, this is the way I choose


Hey... Fight The System


Ain't gonna be the one who follows the trends

won't be swayed, I ain't gonna bend

I've stayed honest true, to what I believe

I won't be fooled by everything that I see


Just cause they say it doesn't make it alright

It's typical manipulation

I can't be bought I'll stand up and fight

stop this annihilation

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