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Adrenaline Mob - Men Of Honor


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Adrenaline Mob returns with a new album 'Men Of Honor' in February.


From bravewords.com:


"ADRENALINE MOB - featuring SYMPHONY X frontman Russell Allen, guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando (SONIC STOMP), DISTURBED bassist John Moyer and new drummer A.J Pero (TWISTED SISTER) - will release their second full length album, Men Of Honor, on February 24th (February 18th in North America).

The album features 11 new Allen/Orlando original songs and was produced by Allen and Orlando."








'Mob Is Back' https://soundcloud.com/centurymedia/adrenaline-mob-mob-is-back

'Come On Get Up'
'Dearly Departed'
'Behind These Eyes'
'Let It Go'
'Feel The Adrenaline'
'Men Of Honor'
'Crystal Clear'
'House Of Lies'
'Judgment Day'
'Fallin' To Pieces'

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I have loved everything they have done so far, and the one song I have heard from this, it sounds just as great.

Not sure why I love these guys so much, as its not my normal sort of style at all.

I think its because despite the similarities to a band like Disturbed (who I really dont like), they still have an old school rock/metal backbone with the guitar solos etc.


Doesnt surprise me that Portnoy has jumped ship. He just cant seem to settle on one band to work with. And as a Twisted Sister fan, I know AJ wont be a let down.

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Only heard the album once since I only got it today, but I really like it.

Only annoyance with it is when I preordered it I ordered the deluxe version as it was listed as a 2CD set, with no information on whats on it.

Sadly it turns out the second disc is the already available Coverta ep, which seems pointless adding it. Kinda like when Anthrax - Worship music was re-released with the covers EP tacked on.

At least the main CD has a bonus track I guess.

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When I first played this album, when Crystal clear came on my first thought was that it sounds like a Kip Winger song. Even the vocals are more in line with Kips than the rest of the album.

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