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Skull Fest 2013 just got Sludge'd! 30 Bands over 3 Days!


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Skull Fest 2013 just got Sludge'd! 30 Bands over 3 Days! Who is going?
Your Skull -- How do you make the coolest 3 day concert event this fall even cooler? Skull Fest in North Platte, Nebraska knows how....bring "The Mighty Sludge" into it! Skull Fest has joined up with Metal Sludge to make every Hard Rock fans eyeliner run with tears of metallic joy!
Skull Fest is a 3 day, 30 band, indoor event happening Oct. 18, 19, and 20 at Sculley's Shooters in North Platte, Nebraska. The event features headlining performances by Jack Russell of Great White, Black N' Blue, Michael Sweet & Oz Fox of Stryper, and Miljenko of Steelheart, along with supporting acts including Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns (with special guest Kristy "Krash" Majors of Pretty Boy Floyd), Ted Poley (the voice of Danger Danger), Oni Logan (the voice of Lynch Mob) and Rowan Robertson (guitarist of Dio), Enuff Z'Nuff, Bang Tango, Ron Keel, the reunion of Roxy Blue, Marq Torien of The Bullet Boys, White Cross, Rhino Bucket, X-Sinner, Leatherwolf and a lot more!
There are single day and 3 day general admission price tickets along with the following packages: VIP, Platinum VIP, "I''m With The Band VIP" and now, the brand new Metal Sludge VIP Package, sold exclusively through the Metal Sludge website! This EXTREMELY limited (12 tickets only) package gets you all of the following:
* EXCLUSIVE Metal Sludge VlP table seating with rock stars dropping by throughout the day!
* VIP "I'm With The Band" Laminate
* Skull Fest event poster
* Skull Fest T-shirt (include shirt size in order)
* Metal Sludge T-Shirt
* Grab Bag (includes CD's and other Skull Fest memorabilia)
* 15 Raffle Tickets Per Day
* Breakfast Saturday and Sunday with a rock star!
* Saturday and Sunday private meet and greet AND acoustic mini-concert (12 people) before the show starts!
* Go on-stage and sing back-up on one song per night!
* A rock star will record your cell phone answering message (Hey, this is Oz Fox...Bob can't come to the phone right now...cuz he's at Skull Fest!)
* 15 minute phone call from a rock star, just to chat!
* Limo ride from your hotel to the event
For ticket prices or to find out what comes with the other VIP packages visit www.metalsludge.tv and click one of the Skull Fest ads! Be sure to keep visiting Metal Sludge all summer long for more updates and "Sludge" only info!
For a complete list of all 30 bands and other event questions please visit Skull fest event page on Facebook HERE
And Remember When We Put Our "SKULLS" together someones gonna get "SLUDGED"
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