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Jimi Bell's BREAKWALL Frontman announced

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So a week ago we announced BREAKWALL. The new Jimi Bell band. We received a lot of feedback and emails. Most of all, WHO is the singer for Breakwall. We talked to some people, this guy, that guy. Cousins and friends of friends that come ...highly recommended. All good in their own right. However, we just didn't want a singer/frontman. We didn't care if he was a well known star or never heard of him.


We wanted someone that clicked! We wanted a friend, a brother from another mother. We wanted that chemistry that only comes along every so often and is rare. That has only been found in few. Most of all, he has to be able to sing his ass off!!! Captivate a crowd. Move a listener to tears, or get them pumped with energy and fists in the air screaming for more. It became very clear when writing down what seemed an impossible wish list. For a nonexistent individual, as if asking for a unicorn for Christmas. That's when it clicked, such a person did in fact exist!


We are very pleased to announce not only is this person the singer of Breakwall. This is a reunion of sorts, of two kindred spirits that are meant to perform with one another. Who both have a lot more to accomplish together. So please welcome Jimi Bell's old partner in crime , Joined Forces frontman - Livio Singer, as BREAKWALL's madman mouth piece and master of ceremony!! We promise to deliver the good the end of this year. Look out, the cat is out of the bag and the dog is off the chain!



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