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Couple thoughts - CDs cheaper and CD/LP sound

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I've noticed at my local used CD store the prices of new and used CDs are going down and albums are going up. (remember when it was reverse when CDs were out in the 90s and LPs were dying?)


I started thinking the new audiophiles are right and LPs have a better sound than CDs. (Guess they've never had to tape a quarter on a turntable arm so the record would play.) I was a long CD holdout till the early 90s because I heard a $1000 CD player and it sounded terrible. The only reason I went to CDs was because they stopped releasing new material on LPs. I haven't played the home stereo I have for maybe 5 years because I use the computer or car stereo. Well, I have this one CD that doesn't sound great on the car stereo so I played it on the home stereo. I was blown away. My old Technics with the MASH circuitry sounds great. It renewed my desire of why I buy CDs.

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The problem with today's LPs is that many of them are made from the same overblown digital source as the CD, complete with squashed dynamics. So you're really not gaining anything other than nostalgia by playing the vinyl.


Unless I have confirmation that the vinyl was mastered differently from the CD, I'll stick with the CD. It's not worth the gamble to find out for myself. Some of those LPs are expensive.

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