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  1. John Drake

    Meat Riot - Hot Mess song

    Is it my imagination or is this a great AOR song. Reminds me of the hair bands. (Spoiler Alert under the video) Meat Riot is a fake band that is advertising for the Hot Mess sandwich from Jack In The Box. Jack In The Box is a hamburger place in the States. Jack is, of course, the guy with the big head. The story is that he was in this band and the girl in front that has the white Hot Mess t-shirt on is the future Mrs. Box.
  2. I've noticed at my local used CD store the prices of new and used CDs are going down and albums are going up. (remember when it was reverse when CDs were out in the 90s and LPs were dying?) I started thinking the new audiophiles are right and LPs have a better sound than CDs. (Guess they've never had to tape a quarter on a turntable arm so the record would play.) I was a long CD holdout till the early 90s because I heard a $1000 CD player and it sounded terrible. The only reason I went to CDs was because they stopped releasing new material on LPs. I haven't played the home stereo I have for maybe 5 years because I use the computer or car stereo. Well, I have this one CD that doesn't sound great on the car stereo so I played it on the home stereo. I was blown away. My old Technics with the MASH circuitry sounds great. It renewed my desire of why I buy CDs.
  3. John Drake

    Original Album Series

    I'm strange. I'll buy the best 3 albums usually in a row from a band. For me it seems that's where the best music is. These Original Album Series look pretty cool. The Ratt one has the first 5 CDs in it. Foreigner and The Cars also have the 1st Five CDs in them. Some of them skip some albums though, but there are some rare ones included.
  4. John Drake

    Some used CD store finds

    Found John Mayall - Chicago Line at the local used CD place for $3.99, it's worth at least $50.
  5. John Drake

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Had to buy some air conditioning filters online so decided to treat myself and buy a few CDs online that I couldn't find used locally. Picked up John Mayall - A Sense Of Place, Gary Moore - After The War, Kinks - Sleepwalker.
  6. John Drake

    CD's you got rid of and wished you hadn't

    I did the same thing. I had Seven and got rid of it, thought it was ok. The only song I really liked on it was Sign Of The Times. Then I picked up the Live in Japan and found I liked some of the songs off Man In Motion and got that. Then I decided to collect all of the Alan Fitzgerald period. Luckily our local used CD store is decent and you can find most Night Ranger online cheaply. So now I have Seven again. I like your choices. I have Survivor - Greatest Hits, the 3 Def Leppard before Hysteria, all of Loverboy, and Vandenburg - Greatest Hits.
  7. John Drake

    Best Misfiled CD You've Ever Found...

    Yup, Bookman's misfiles like crazy. I love how Bookman's (and sometimes Zia) will get an autographed CD then price it the normal price. I don't think they even notice they're autographed. I've gotten a couple Journey's that way and have seen others that I don't want.
  8. John Drake

    Any collecting regret

    Not bad ones, just some thoughts. I had Fleetwood Mac's Tango In The Night. I usually get CDs in patterns, like the best 3, all of a certain group of band members, etc. TITN isn't the greatest album, I would've liked to have gotten all the CDs with the Rumours band members but didn't want to buy 5 or 6 more CDs, so I traded it in for a couple bucks. Well, I bought Tusk a couple months ago. Looked at the Fleetwood Mac discography again and discovered I actually already had the entire lineup of CDs I wanted except for Tango In The Night...dang. Of course, went to about 4 CDs stores and couldn't find any good copies like I had. I bought the best one I could find with had great cover art, plays good, but has visible scratches on the outer playing disk. I also hate picking up stuff, then decide I don't want it, then find out in a week I really do and it's gone. Luckily, that doesn't happen too often. Like I said, I like getting sets of things. I've seen things like the Kinks Velvel reissues and decide I have the best 3 albums in a row so I don't need the 1st couple reissues of Arista era albums, then find something rare like Word Of Mouth and say I wish I would have picked up the Velvel "Sleepwalker" and "Misfits" when I saw them. Now finding them is hard because some places don't list what recording company produced the used CD. Found about 10 or more KISS Sonic Boom in Walmart for $1 each. But since I didn't want that CD and I don't buy CDs to sell them, I passed. Now I do wish I could've bought them to trade or sell online for a profit.
  9. John Drake

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    I didn't buy this CD this week, but I just had to tell you about it. I think it was a month ago. Was searching through the bins at my local used CD shop. Came across a used copy of Gary Hoey's latest Utopia for ...get this...$2.99. Great condition, easily worth more than a couple bucks, but when I pick it up I see his autograph on the front. Still not even the best news, also when I pick it up I hear a plastic type rattle in the case. Of course I bought this. I think this was a copy he sent to someone to advertise himself, there was a sticker on the back that said, "To book contact..." When I unsealed it in the car, there was also a Gary Hoey logo pick inside. (I had guessed this is what the plastic rattle could possibly be). That's my find.
  10. John Drake

    The New Nelson Album

    I'm surprised with that free sampler Nelson didn't include one of their Dad's songs redone. I've noticed a lot more bands are doing that exclusive content for different stores thing. I was in Wallyworld (walmart) a month ago and checked out the CDs. They have a Walmart exclusive Orianthi EP CD. For you Orianthi fans, you know she had her american album Believe, then she released Believe II with the same songs as the first on it plus about four or five new ones. The Walmart EP CD has just the four new songs on it.
  11. John Drake

    Aldo Nova - new release

    Admins, thanks for moving this. I didn't know where to post it originally. Other guys, thanks for the information. I wonder if Aldo will show up to next year's Sweden festival. When I saw online somewhere that he canceled, he told someone he would definitely be back next year. I discovered about six months ago he is on Facebook, his sister is online too. I tried to friend him with no luck. Thanks again guys for the info.
  12. John Drake

    Aldo Nova - new release

    Sorry to start this topic, but was wondering. Aldo Nova was supposed to be in concert at one of those Mega Festivals in Sweden (or something like that), he canceled his appearance. He was also supposed to release a new album before he performed at the festival. I think the festival was supposed to be in June or sometime. My question is, did Aldo Nova ever release that album that was supposed to come out this year? Thanks.
  13. John Drake

    Before you leave a store

    Jeez, what did they make that CD out of, the gold in their fillings?
  14. John Drake

    Before you leave a store

    We have two used CD places in my town with different locations. One sells them with the CD in, the other has just the case then you get the CD behind the counter. I bought a Highway 101 (country) Greatest Hits - please forgive me I like one song. Opened it up at home and it was Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits CD. About a year later, I figure they must have got this CD from one of their locations in a different town, I picked up another Highway 101 CD. It was their 1st album. I figured, yah right, I've never seen their 1st album in stores and figure it was a different CD inside. Took it to the counter and had the guy open it, sure enough it was something else inside. It must have been the same person that sold the other CD to them as well.
  15. John Drake

    Yard Sale Finds

    Widda, back in the 80s I thought the Journey holy grail album was Time After Time. I guess it might be the Greatest Hits because I thought that wasn't released as an album, but guess it was. I found the fire cover Lynyrd Skynyrd at a garage sale in '85 for $2.

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