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.38 Special - A Wild-Eyed Christmas Night

66 mustang

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Tracks 1. Jingle Bell Rock 2. Here Comes Santa Claus 3. Little Drummer Boy 4. Hallelujah! It's Christmas 5. It's Christmas And I Miss You 6. A Wild-Eyed Christmas Night 7. That Old Rockin Chair 8. Santa Claus Is Back In Town 9. O' Holy Night 10.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Instrumental


Oh no, a Christmas album. I must say it is an ok listen at best. Has some really good original and some ok covers. not one that I pull out much at Christmas time but I do have it in the collection so here goes

1. Jingle Bell Rock - They 38 this up to where you might be able to tell who it is. It is trying to have that signature Don Barnes classic sound to it and comes close

2. Here Comes Santa Clause - Van Zant led tune that is ok.

3. Little Drummer Boy - never liked this song so 38 Special doing it doesn't change my mind. it is well done but............

4. Hallelujah! It's Christmas - First of the tunes written by the band. it's catchy and a good song. sung by both singers

5. It's Christmas And I Miss You - Another band written song. its a good song, I like it. It is in the same vein as the ballads on Resolution sung by Don Barnes. I think most people have someone that they miss at Christmas so this song can really speak to a lot of feelings

6. A Wild-Eyed Christmas Night - Jim Peterick written song. Tries to have that classic sound that songs like Wild Eyed Southen Boys and Rough Housin' has with both singers taking turns on vocals. It is a nice rockin tune

7. That Old Rockin Chair - Van Zant ballad bout his mama. RIP Sister Van Zant. it is a beautiful song that can bring a tear to my eye just thinking about that feeling on mom not being there anymore and missing her. I do still have my mom and we are not as close as we should be and here health is not good so this song makes me think....

8. Santa Clause Is Back In Town - Van Zant lead blues song that just gooves with the bass line

9. O' Holy Night - song is done very well. a good version

10 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - have said it many times. I dont like isntrumentals most of the time this is something I skip on most albums and doesn't really change here


I've gotta say that if it were a full album of new song it would have been much better. it is a good listen for the new songs for sure.





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