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.38 Special - Resolution

66 mustang

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Tracks 1. Fade to Blue 2. Just Can't Leave You Alone 3. Deja Voodoo 4. Find My Way Back 5. Changed by Love 6. After the Fire Is Gone 7. Miracle Man 8. Shelter Me 9. Homeless Guitar 10. Saving Grace 11. She Loves to Talk 12. Trouble 13.

Shatter the Silence


So, what to say about this? I guess it is the 4 era of the band. first is the pure southern rock sound of the first 2. second is the hit's filled 80's. third would be the switch in singers and now this, Don is back in the band. Gone is the polished 38 Special that had a string of hits in the 80's, replaced with a bit more stripped down sound. Don's vocals start to show some wear and tear here and with Jeff not in the band it seems to be missing some magic although Carlisi does have some writing credits on the album. Not to say it is a bad album but different. Funny, when I pull out the cd and open the booklet I still have the reciept from Blockbuster Music. Seems I bought 2 cd that day, This one and Paul Rodgers NOW cd. $30.36 for both cd's purchaced 6/17/97 at 12:58pm. I can remember going to Kingsport with the top down, geetting the cd's. I even know where I stopped to eat lunch at that day, it was a little barbque place down town.


1. Fade To Blue - is an ok opening track that lets you know this is going to be a little different. stripped down a little, not as bombastic as other opening / hit singles.

2. Just Can't Leave You Alone - I do really like this. stripped down sounding song that is a pure "STALKER" song.

3. Deja VooDoo - This southern rocker is a split lead vocal with Van Zant and Barnes trading back and forth. first kicking song on the album. at this point you see that Van Zant's vocals have held up better over the years.

4. Find My Way Back - another stripped back mid tempo song that is good but misses the classic sound

5. Changed By Love - a fantastic song. an inward looking song that takes you on a journey of someone growing up becoming a better man and what changed him. ro be honest it even has some religious overtones in the lyrics.

6. After The Fire Is Gone - This Van Zant led firecracker of a song is what you expect from the band for the most part. a good solid rocker with writing credit also being given to little bro Johnny

7. Miracle Man - what a great song. This is almost classic 38 Special. If the start of the song was a bit more polished it would fit in with any of the mid 80's albums.

8. Shelter Me - an ok song. If I'm in short on time this is one that I'd hit the skip button on. a bit more acoustic based styled song

9. Homeless Guitar - Van Zant led southern rock song. what you expect and one of my fav's on the album. "I use this six string like an archer weilds his bow. I believe when the arrow finds its mark it pierces the soul" "I know how it feels to be judged at a glance"

10. Saving Grace - you go from one of the most southern rock sounding song to one of the softest songs. it is a very pretty song. "you are my saving grace. you are the light of a love ever lasting. I find a hiding place in your arms, my one and only saving grace"

11. She Loves To Talk - Van Zant led kind of boogie styled song. nice to hear the band still do this kind of song

12. Trouble - another Van Zant led rock song. big bass groove sound to start this off. ane of the kind of mid tempo rockin guitar driven songs found on the mid 80's album

13. Shatter The Silence - Don closes out the album with a high speed mid tempo kind of song that dot's the album. it is an ok song to close out the album.














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