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66 mustang

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1. Caught Up in You 2. Back Door Stranger 3. Back on the Track 4. Chain Lightnin' 5. Rough-Housin' 6. You Keep Runnin' Away 7. Breakin' Loose 8. Take 'Em Out 9.



What can I say about this but it is a MONSTER of an album. not a bad song on here. four must have songs and a bunch of other that are just as good. You know the big hit and you may know the minor hits but the album tracks are also stellar. The sound it what the band is know for, a perfect meldiing of AOR / souther rock. Don's vocals are top notch and Donnies songs are never better.

1. Caught Up In You - the huge hit. what else is there to say but a fantastic song.


2. Back Door Stranger - this Van Zant lead track is a very nice rock track. not as southern rock but a blend of southern and straight up american rock n roll. nice guitar work.


3. Back On the Track - A little more southern rock from Van Zant. story song, bad boy gets caught, not taking anything from anyone and trying to stay on the straight path. you have your southern rock female background vocals here too. very nice #3 track


4. Chain Lightnin' - Don's vocals here and the thunder to start the song out just set the tone for the next few minutes. A haunting song at times. Very nice and it also rocks. one of the last times I seen the band they were playing this song and it was raining and thundering and a couple of lightning strikes in the sky but the band played on. it was awesome


5. Rough-Housin' - A concert favorite. both singers take to the mike on this one as they trade back and forth. A southern boogie kind of song. great rhythm to this one. just wants to make you push the peddle down a bit further when you out driving.


6. You Keep Runnin' Away - This was my introduction to the band. It was on one of those K-Tel records, what now we see as the NOW cd series (NOW 44 anyone?) and this was one of my favorite songs on the album. I remember playing Grand Prix on atari. this was "my song" when playing that game. A great catchy Don led tune that just hooks you in and you have to listen.


7. Breakin' Loose - A Van Zant led attitude song. you just kind of goove with the mood of the song. not a fast rocker by any means, this is a burner track that hits you in the gut


8. Tak'Em Out - this up tempo rocker of life on the road is a track where the singers sing the whole song together at the same time. a nice way to wind down an album and this was once a great live track the band "had" to have in the show.


9. Firestarter - this is a Van Zant lead track to close the album out. again kind of a mid tempo burner track that just gets you head bobbing. love the lyrics.









Dons voice has not ages well sorry to say


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