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Fireband Rock Radio Weekend Contest


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Firebrand Rock Radio announced a weekend contest being held from today, Friday, December 7 until Sunday, December 9. Winners will be announced on Monday, December 10.


The contest is a scavenger hunt of sorts, based on the prizes. Four questions will be given, and they are:


1. The band Broken Romeo calls what US city it’s home?

2. What is the name of the band The Hush’s lead singer?

3. The band Agents of Chaos was formed in what year?

4. Name one national act that the band Memory of A Melody has performed with.

(HINT – to find the answer, simply visit the bands websites and/or Facebook pages.)


The prize is a 4-CD package with the following cds:

Memory of A Melody – “Things That Make You Scream“

The Hush – “Scene of the Crime” Special Edition, autographed

Broken Romeo – “Desperation Daze” autographed

Agents of Chaos – “Volume One“


To enter the contest, please send your answers to contests@fbrr2010.com. (Answers accepted via Facebook will not be accepted.) Answers will be accepted until 9pm EST, Sunday, December 9. A winner will be chosen at random from those who have all four answers correct, and notified Monday by Firebrand Rock Radio at the email entry was mailed from. This contest is open to all Firebrand Rock Radio listeners.


Good luck to everyone, and thank you for your support of Firebrand Rock Radio!



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