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The Prog Collective - s/t (feat. Wetton, Page etc.)


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The new prog 'supergroup' released a self-titled album this year.

From notreble.com:

"Musician, producer and former Yes member Billy Sherwood has put together what he’s dubbed “the biggest super group of progressive rock players ever assembled,” to form The Prog Collective.
The group has released their self-titled album this week, featuring John Wetton (Asia), Tony Levin (King Crimson), Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Richard Page (Mr. Mister), Geoff Downes (Yes/Asia), Alan Parsons (Alan Parsons Project), Chris Squire (Yes), Rick Wakeman (Yes), Gary Green (Gentle Giant), Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Steve Hillage (Gong), John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), Tony Kaye (Yes), Colin Moulding (XTC) and others.
“The idea of assembling a collection of amazing artists from the progressive rock genre all on one record was an especially exciting concept to me. Inspired, I began writing and recording the [seven] songs that would become this album. I then sent those recordings out to some of my friends and musical heroes from bands like King Crimson, XTC, Asia, Gentle Giant, and of course my former band Yes,” Sherwood shares. “Soon, I started receiving vocal tracks and guitar and keyboard overdubs from studios all over the world, which I then mixed at my recording studio in Los Angeles. Despite the distances in geography, however, the feeling of the entire production is one of musical and spiritual unity – The Prog Collective!”



1. The Laws of Nature - Jerry Goodman, John Wetton, Tony Levin (7:19)
2. Over Again - Geoff Downes, Richard Page (9:04)
3. The Technical Divide - Alan Parson, Chris Squire, Gary Green (7:55)
4. Social Circles - Annie Haslam, Peter Banks (8:03)
5. Buried Beneath - Billy Sherwood, Larry Fast, Steve Hillage (8:11)
6. Following the Signs - John Wesley, Tony Kaye (7:27)
7. Check Point Karma - Colin Moulding, Rick Wakeman (7:14)




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If you like the lighter, more easily accesible side to Prog, then it's a good one. I've had this album on order for what seems like a decade and it still hasn't dropped through the letterbox as of yet.Must chase up.

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