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DREAM THEATER - A Dramatic Tour of Events in Jakarta


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DREAM THEATER - A Dramatic Tour of Events : Live in Jakarta

April 21st, 2012 at Mata Elang Indoor Stadium




So the buzz about Dream Theater finally make it to Jakarta was quite loud since last year, but I'm being skeptical about it since beside the fee must be too high for the organizers here, the plan to invite them about 3 years ago was cancelled. But then it's quite surprising to see that the event is real and the ticket price is insanely high ($100-$150) but the crowd eat em all and probably around 10.000 people showed up that night, so that must be one of the most successful moment for Dream Theater themselves I guess.




The show is spectacular in terms of lighting and sound. All the details are comin' out, and to see how Petrucci and Rudess performed at their highest level are simply stunning. The instrumental wizardry from all rhythm section is applauding, kudos also to Mangini for his splendid 15 minutes solo drum. The setlist is carefully picked and very balance, but if only I can pick, I think 6 new songs is quite overwhelming. Probably 'Bridges' and 'Build' can be switched with 'Metropolis' and 'Fatal Tragedy', and since I don't really like 6DOiT, I think if they go with 'Caught In A Web' and 'Peruvian Skies', sounds like an even stronger list, but overall it's quite satisfying, especially on the acoustical interlude of 'The Silent Man / Beneath The Surface', pure magical. The lengthy duel intro of Petrucci / Rudess at 'The Spirit Carries On' is also dropping many jaws, beautiful!




Overall, after the encore of 'Pull Me Under', the crowd didn't want to leave and expect one more surprising song, I can hear many chant 'Metropolis', but perhaps they didn't rehearse that song and it's quite tiring after 2.5 hours of show. Excellent show and you don't want to miss this band if they're in town :)


Setlist :

1. Dream Is Collapsing (Hans Zimmer song)

2. Bridges in the Sky (ADToE #5)

3. 6:00 (Awake #1)

4. Build Me Up, Break Me Down (ADToE #2)

5. Surrounded (I&W #4)

6. The Root of All Evil (Octavarium #1)

7. Drum Solo

8. A Fortune in Lies (WDaDU #1)

9. Outcry (ADToE #6)

10. The Silent Man (Awake #6)

11. Beneath the Surface (ADToE #9)

12. On the Backs of Angels (ADToE #1)

13. War Inside My Head (6DoIT Disc #2 - 1.3)

14. The Test that Stumped Them All (6DoIT Disc #2 - 1.4)

15. Petrucci / Ruddess Solo Intro

16. The Spirit Carries On (SFaM #11)

17. Breaking All Illusions (ADToE #8)



18. Pull Me Under (I&W #1)



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