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Medias interested to review our promos


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ATTENTION medias interested to be invited to review our promos (via Haulix digital promotion). We now have a registration form where you can register: http://stormspell.haulix.com/media/register?g=3262


Two small rules to follow in order to weed out scroungers and free promo hunters:


1. Your media website must be established, with substantial content relevant to out style and orientation.


2 a). Your e-mail has to be from the same domain your website is (e.g. if your website is www.yourmedia.com, your e-mail should be xxx@yourmedia.com), or


2 b ). Your e-mail has to be published on your website contacts page


Entries which do not comply to those rules will be disregarded. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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