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Parrish Hultquist Died Last Year


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Some of you may have seen me post on here about a band called Megattack, they were from here in Salt Lake City, back in 1986, they were being stalked by every major label in existence, and I mean EVERY LABEL!! on the verge of signing a mega dollar deal with Geffen, Parrish, and lead singer know as The Jack, I guess imploded, or the entire band did, or something but they ceased to exist any longer, but they released their album on some rinkey dink label, and it saw only LP and Cassette release, the album was called Raw Delivery, I have it in my archives, and seeing now it will more then likely never see a authentic cd release, I think it's probably ok to share it, when you listen to it you will hear exactly why major labels were posted up in the land of Zion trying to lure 1 band out of Utah, it is a pounding rocking and top notch release, and it's a damn shame it never did get the exposure it deserved, Parrish was a killer guitarist, they reformed in 2005 and released a new cd called Save The Nations, it was alright, but fucking sucked in comparison to Raw Delivery, I just figured Id take this oppurtunity to post about Raw Delivery once again, upon finding out about Parrish dying, since it really is a shame if you love mid 80's heavy metal and you never got to hear Raw Delivery, maybe you wouldnt like it, I fucking rock it all the time, if you would like it, you know where to find me, lol


Parrish Hultquist Dead at 48

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