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Billy Falcon

66 mustang

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so, if memory serves me Jon helped Billy get the Pretty Blue World album into the mainstreem. just pulled out this cassette today and it has been years since I listen to this but still very much enjoyed this today while I was in the shower. I am kind of supprised that there wasn't already a thread about Billy Falcon on the board already.


also found that he has several writing credits on bon jovi albums, including on of my fav "new jovi" songs Just Older.









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ok, so I finished the album this morning and the last song came on called "married in the morning" and I swear it could have been on Aldo Nova's Blood In The Bricks album. you can really Tell Jon produced this thing. Billy doesn't have as strong of a voice as Aldo or Jon but you can tell that sound is in there with the production.

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