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Just saw House Of Lords at Mohegan Sun for FREE last night! Very good show Fiona was a special guest(some good studio tricks for her new cd I assume, from her voice last night. Bought a few cd's, got autograph's & a picture taken w/ James(who sounded great, the whole band did).They did 3 from the new one-Big Money, Blood, & One Man Down. No Someday When? Nice setting, was strange to be sitting at table to watch a Rock Show. I would go again, not just because it was free.

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Guest force perspective

I was at the show at Mohegan. Yes it was weird being seated at a table. As soon as the band went on i got up and stood at the front in front of James. (I was wearing a Dream Theater shirt) Excellent show! how can you beat it for free? I'm from Providence so the drive's not too bad. BTW any House of Lords fans PM me with your email, i have a lot of Japanese bonus tracks and other unreleased HoL material that is a must have.


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Saw the last show of the European Tour, last 27th of Feb. in Lisbon and it was an awesome show. The show itself had several technical problems, but the music and band is so great that i really enjoyed. To be honest i didn't knew so well the last albums, but i give it a listen and they rock all the way.

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