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Reason - The Darkest Star


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Hey everyone,


When you get a chance check out the band Reason. They're from the UK, and play classy Hard Rock and Melodic Metal with a bit of AOR mixed in. They remind me of Ten, Balance Of Power, Saracen and even CITA/Guild Of Ages. Their cd 'The Darkest Star' will be released in December 21st.





Np - Firewolfe - self-titled

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This one seems only to be available for pre-order from wishingwell; nowhere else so far. I would have expected it to be on Amazon.co.uk by now. It seems strange that there's so little coverage of the band online (especially as according to their site, "Online promotion of REASON began in late 2009, and immediately brought a great deal of attention worldwide."). Stranger still that I'm not really a fan of any of the bands listed above for comparison by rogerrocket, yet for me on first impression these songs sound really good.


Has anyone seen them live?

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