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Sinner-Dangerous Charm


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I have this disc, but I don't know what the deciding factor is for bootleg or original issue. I bought mine about 8 years ago froma a second hand store.


The numbers on the disc ring are as follows: BOD MOD N 0101-2 (from the face of the disc these numbers are printed in reverse/IE; Read backwards)



The disc has basically the cover photo girls face in black and white (silver) and the song titles on the lower half of the disc. My copy is a European issue on Noise from 1994. The front insert is a simple folded affair with color cover, color band photo and then on the interior adverts for other Sinner releases in black and white. The rear tray has the cover girl photo (similar to the disc, but in color) with the track listing on the lower portion and bar code (upper left) # 4 006030 010121 © 1994 Wintrup Music Made in Germany GEMA ADD LC9066 Noise Distributed in Germany by Rough Trade Modern Music Germany/Modern Music UK


I have the Danger Zone disc as well which is similarly packaged. I am guessing that these issues are "re-issues" as the DZ disc is quoted as stating "Originally release July/August of 1984" and "Digitaly Remastered" on the cover.


Hope this helps and here are scans of the issue I have: http://www.cover-island.com/cover-Mzc5NzUy-sinner_dangerous_charm.html


Here is a link to a page with scans and info's of the releases I have: http://kdrth.free.fr/MaCollection/Index/CadresSinner.htm




And here is a photo/auction of a bootleg (my assumption) that is similar to the one I have, but as you can see there are differnces in the missing songs on the cd and the rear tray's bar code is in the wrong corner... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sinner-CD-1987-Dangerous-Charm-/350501590899?pt=UK_CDsDVDs_CDs_CDs_GL&hash=item519b85d773

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