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Crashdiet @ Gaelic Club Australia!


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Last Thursday saw me off on my merry and excited way to see Crashdiet's first show in Australia. So here's a few sexy little thoughts on the evening:


Sunset Riot - these guys were pretty cool. A lot of the songs were kind of average rockers, but not bad. Listenable. But there were two songs which I absolutely loved. So much so I noted what I thought the names might be in my phone. 'Moonshine' and 'Searching.' They mentioned they had an EP for sale and I'd have bought it for those 2 songs, but then I never saw where they might be selling it. Man the Gaelic Club sucks. But yeah, these guys were good.


LUST - but these guys sucked. Pretty much just a punk band with a pretty exciting guitarist and a drunk Little Caesar-type vocalist. Just a really boring set with a heap of shitty songs.


Crashdiet - now, before I praise them, I'll start with the negative. On the net the night was scheduled to end at 10:30pm which would leave me hours to get one of the last trains or buses back home. Early on it became apparent it was going to be much later. But this is what pissed me off - and I don't know if it was Crashdiet's fault or someone else. LUST finished at about 10pm. Crashdiet didn't go on until about 11:15pm. So I stood around like a goosebump for an hour, just being left to contemplate how the fuck I was going to get home after the last fucked up buses and trains had gone home because Sydney public transport mid-week is fucked. I admit I was pretty pissed off. Thankfully, though, when they got on stage I was left to ease back into joy again. Again, before I praise them, I have to admit they were MUCH more mellow than I expected. The band just did their job with no frills at all. Very subdued bunch of dudes. But that's cool with me because they sounded good. But the surprise for me was the lead singer. I'd heard and assumed he was a wildman of the wildest variety. Not to be. Again, very calm and peaceful and just about doing his job. He loosened up a little right at the end with a stage dive and a devouring of a sexy young lass on stage... but for the most part he appeared to be HATING the punks climbing up on stage anywhere near him. Except, credit due, for the ladiez, who he seemed to dig.


Anyway, that said... they were awesome. Because they were a lot more professional and calm than I expected, the performance was very well played and performed. The set list was flawless... I think every single song from the debut was covered, a few from 'The unattractive revolution' (including the killer 'Falling rain') and a good dose from 'Generation Wild.' And it was a long set too. With all the going off stage and coming back on at the end it stretched out even longer, but it was a good long set and awesome value for money.


So in assessment: They were very different to what I expected personality-wise, but musically and quality wise, I can't fault them. They were awesome, and I'm stoked to be able to say now that I've seen one of the most exciting bands to hit the scene in the last decade.


And Linsday? Were you the guy right down at the front of the stage... the only guy who put his hand up when asked who was there from Adelaide?

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