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More from the lovely city of Ogden Utah


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this is the video of a police raid on a house by mine, I knew Todd very well, he merely heard someone kicking his door in and picked up a golf club to defend himself, and was shot dead, this same cop who's last name is Barnett, he is their hired assassin, he also gunned down my friend billy maw in 2005, and was cleared on both shootings, he is also responsible for gunning down a 3rd innocent victim whom i didn't know, in all of these cases, a golf club was the only weapon ever discovered at the crime scene, crooked fucking cops, the funny thing about this cop, without his firearm and faced against a mob of angry citizens he bitched up and RAN!! to his suburban, ducked in and flew away, he is truly a punk, and the sad thing is, more then likely hes going to kill a few more innocent people before someone finally gets him!!!



Todd Blair Shooting

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