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Runnin From Jezebel

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and a few videos - http://www.runninfromjez.com/?q=video



We LOVE classic rock from the 70s, 80s and 90s! Since you have visited our site, we're guessing that you probably do too! "Runnin from Jezebel" are a group of musicians who enjoy playing great rock music and we hope to start playing in your area soon.


The members of the band are all experienced musicians and have families of their own. We hope to draw people of all ages to our concerts. "Running From Jezebel" is Aaron Bolling (guitar), Keith Fowlkes (lead vocals & keyboards), Brett Lawson (bass guitar, vocals), Daniel Vanover (guitars, harmonica, vocals) and John McCarroll (drums and percussion). We're all Wise County, Virginia guys and would love the opportunity to play in your area!


The band plays rock music mainly from the 70s, 80s and 90s. It's very important to the band that the music be fun, upbeat and good for all members of the family. Some of the music that we play is listed below.


Some of the songs you might hear at a "Runnin' from Jezebel" concert event:


• Sharp Dressed Man from ZZ Top

• Don't Tell Me You Love Me from Night Ranger

• Roll with the Changes from REO Speedwagon

• Sweet Home Alabama from Lynyrd Skynyrd

• Let Her Cry from Hootie and the Blowfish

• Jimmy Olsen's Blues from The Spin Doctors

• Small Town from John Cougar Melloncamp

• Come Sail Away from Styx

• It's All Been Done from The Barenaked Ladies

• Faithfully from Journey

• I'll be Over You from Toto

• Sister Christian from Night Ranger

• Hold the Line from Toto

• No One to Blame from Howard Jones

• Somebody's Baby from Jackson Browne

• Every Breath You Take from the Police

• Just the Way You Are from Billy Joel

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