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Warp Drive - Something To Believe In (unreleased 2nd CD)


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Well... My friend Mark finally made the jump to get his unreleased 2nd CD released on a silver pressing. It'll be released via Kelv Hellrazer (formerly of Kerrang!) and his record label called AOR Boulevard Records based in Europe.


The CD will feature the original 10 tracks that were recorded sometime between 1991 and 1993 as well as a new bonus track Mark just recorded. It'll be out around Summer of this year! :headbanger:



Mark Woerpel - Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Cary Kaylan -- Bass & Backing Vocals

Steve Draeger - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Jim Winters -- Drums


*Guest Appearance on some tracks by Blackfoot's Rickey Medlocke -- Backing Vocals, Guitars



Here are the full tracks to check out on Youtube


1. Rock N' Roll Party In The Streets (Axe cover)





2. Something To Believe In





3. Fightin' Boyz





4. Hearts Done Time





5. Let The Good Times Roll





6. Lay Me Down





7. Only Memories





8. Black Mamba (instrumental Guitar) <--- Mark Can Shred





9. We Are Our Only Hope






10. Louie's Demise (A mashup of the intro the band used to use)


11. Newly Recorded Bonus Track (I don't have it yet, but Mark is going to get it to me)

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Cool, I'll definitely be keen to pick that one up - I liked theit first album. Do you know of any other releases that AOR Boulevard Records have in the pipe line? Do you know if they are releasing the Garrison stuff as well?

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I have no clue on any other releases that AOR Boulevard is doing. I do know that they're mainly concentrating on unreleased stuff rather than reissuing stuff thats already been out

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