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I'm sure I'm gonna take some heat for this.. But..oh well.


This kind of goes back to the thread where a newer member "quick posted" to make the 50 required posts to be able to use the "Buy/Sell/Trade" Forum. My rant is not actually against him in particular (or anyone in particular.


Seems as every single time I post either a trade or Ebay sale withing 15 minutes someone has posted or bumped a threat ahead of it. I know that everyone has just as much right to post whenever they want. Many (if not most)of these members have actually been on the board longer than I have. Though they have been here longer, most only average about 10 to 15 posts a year. Most never have anything else to add to this forum. It's like they watch to see when someone lists something new... like it is a competition. When I post something in that forum I usually do it early on in the auction... and then the day the auctions end as a reminder.


There have even been times where I have posted a new thread.. and then went back and bumped the thread before mine back to the top. I actually feel bad when I knock someones new post down. Like I said, it almost feels like a competition or something. Anybody else ever feel the same way? Or am I just over reacting here? Or maybe I just need a break from this forum?




After going back and reading this I think I should make something clear:


Everyone I have dealt with on this board has been great. I mostly deal with the regulars here on HH. My rant wasn't against those who are on this forum on a regular basis. It's the ones that appear ONLY when they have something to sell or trade.

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Don't take a break Dave. We want you here :bananamac:


I know what you mean about these posts. But is it that important to been on top in that forum. Doesn't people who wants to trade enter that forums and read the posts they think is something for them. Just my thought,,,,

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I'm probably one of those guys you are referring to and I used to visit the site for many a year before signing up, although I don't keep bumping my trade post - only posted twice in 2 years. Unfortunately I have a circle of friends that I talk music with and it's only when a CD or band falls outside of the interest of the group that I post here. I'm just not the type of person to post a lot coz I just don't have the time (unless I'm really interested in something) but I will check the trade board for 5 mins everyday coz trading and collecting CDs are a hobby that I do make time for.

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