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Gemini - Coming Home (live 2011)


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These guys have been going in one form or another since their inception back in 1978 in southern Minnesota/Northern Iowa. Guitarist Rob Kruger has basically kept the band going since he joined back in 1983. Rob decided to retire a few years ago, and late 80's guitarist Roger Moore rejoined the band to keep it going along with 10+ year members Kris Vox (vocals), Lohn Lockner (bass), and Erich Winter (drums). Well... Needless to say, Rob got bored at home and decided to fire up the Les Pauls and Marshalls again along with Roger. It's been over 10 years since they had played together on the same stage. Most of the band you guys would remember from the first 2 CD's are long gone. Lance King, who joined in 1986 and was the vocalist on their first 2 CD's in 1990 and 1992, left in 1994.




Coming Home





They have dramatically changed their live music style since the late 80's as well.



Man On The Silver Mountain




Head Like A Hole




Number Of The Beast




Cowboys From Hell




Take The Power Back




Down With The Sickness








Ladies & Gentlemen













Pastor Of Muppets





And many more if you check my channel

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Not usually a big fan of bands that do newer band covers, or change their style of play but I will say this...I have played their S/T cd a time or two ;)



Well... when they started back in 1978, they were doing covers of The Eagles, Allman Brothers, BTO and bands like that. In the early 80's they got more into Night Ranger, Foreigner and Kiss, and then it went on to heavier stuff when Lance joined in 1986.


This is an intro from 1983 right after Rob joined. Mark Roberts does the intro solo and then Rob comes in with the splattered strat. The lead singer at that time was Brad Boice who is now an Elvis Impersonator





Rob said he has several shows on tape from the 80's somewhere that he'll get to me. I'll post them when I get a chance

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