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Ebay was selling an album called HOLLAND HEAVY METAL vol 1 on c.d.. I was very interested, because I have the album. It said www.fonos.nl put it out. This website says you ask for an album and they print it for you. They also claim they give royalties to the bands.

Has anyone here every buy something from them? Is it just another bootleg company?

If this was posted before, I apologize..

Here's the link..



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I know them and have dealt with them.

Actually it's a kind of "library" for all music that has been released in the Netherlands.

As a service they give the option to have music put on cd that hasn't been released on cd before

or that is no longer available on cd. For this they use the vinyl source and try to restore it to cd in

the best way that they can, and they do quite a good job. They also use the original artwork and resize

it to cd format, and put it in a company raster.

The company itself is an initiative from the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, so it's completely legal.


I've bought a few cd's from them, since a few good Dutch albums haven't been released on Cd ever, like

"Horizon - Master of the Game" and "Tower - Titan"

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