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    I know them and have dealt with them. Actually it's a kind of "library" for all music that has been released in the Netherlands. As a service they give the option to have music put on cd that hasn't been released on cd before or that is no longer available on cd. For this they use the vinyl source and try to restore it to cd in the best way that they can, and they do quite a good job. They also use the original artwork and resize it to cd format, and put it in a company raster. The company itself is an initiative from the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, so it's completely legal. I've bought a few cd's from them, since a few good Dutch albums haven't been released on Cd ever, like "Horizon - Master of the Game" and "Tower - Titan"
  2. hansr

    Poley / Rivera

    Don't be afraid, you're not alone on this one, I like them both too !! Just wish Ted would stick to a band or partner a little longer because by the time I've played a cd from one of his projects (and liked it) he already has something new.
  3. hansr

    Moritz finally on Cd

    Thanks Mate, I've been aboard for quite some time already but so far mostly on the quiet side. Made trades with some of the members of this board and always looking to make some more. My only fear is that by the time I have enought time to listen to everything I will be retired, because there are still so many cd's that I haven't even listened once !!
  4. Back in the 80-ties I used to have a tape with some songs from english band Moritz, which was very good melodic rock in the typical UK fashion. So you can imagine that the next piece of news that I got from a friend makes me quite happy: THE MORITZ BLITZ… The eagerly awaited "City Streets" release from London AOR rockers MORITZ is finally released on September 1st 2008 on the 'Harmony Factory' label (Harmony Factory records HF002). Stablemates of HARTLESS, its another class release. The CD features all the songs from the 'Shadows of a dream' EP, originally released on vinyl only in 1987, plus the later tracks recorded in 1988 shortly before the bands demise, where Greg and fellow members Andy Stewart, Andy Elphick & Ian Edwards moved on to form IF ONLY, with Peter Scallan joining SAMSON on vocal in early 1989. Whilst in the eighties the likes of FM, Strangeways, Airrace, Tobruk, Romeo’s Daughter and Shy were the entire proud possessor’s of major label deals, the likes of AOK, La Paz, Zero Zero, Tora, Peroux and Tara Zara were all, in their own rights, damn fine bands that should have gained that elusive deal. However, out of all the unsigned British AOR bands one shone more brightly than the rest… Moritz! Six lads from London who, if there was any justice, should have shook the world, or at the very least, the UK! Formed in the mid-eighties, they crafted songs that were a pure AOR indulgence. In Greg Hart they had a master craftsmen who knew how to take the Yanks on at their own game. Their output may have only amounted to just a 7" single and a 12"EP, plus a few demos that surfaced later on, but their legacy is timeless. As DEREK OLIVER from KERRANG! stated in the review "...Makes Journey sound like Air Supply..." - A bold statement, maybe, but this release shows just how Moritz really did have the 'AOR rock' format sewn up. These songs have been hidden away for over twenty years but thanks to a chance meeting on Myspace and an enthusiastic Journalist (Rob Evans, Powerplay. www.myspace.com/aorundergroundrobevans ) they have finally seen the light of day. Take a trip down memory lane and order the CD from www.hartworksart.com Priced at £7.99 Tracks are: Can't stop loving you, Place in your heart, City Streets, Break It Up, Love this time, Don't walk away, Caught up in the action, Hearts on the line (1986 demo) Featuring some classic liner notes from both Greg and Rob Evans of AOR underground, this is an essential purchase. You can read all about Greg, and the review of the 'City Streets' CD in 'POWERPLAY' magazine issues 101 & 102. www.powerplaymagazine.co.uk Thanks, Greg Hart.
  5. hansr

    English please!

    Bank transfers among countries in Europe that have the Euro currency are also pretty easy and free of charge, but it takes some time before the actual transfer is made so for me Paypal is still the easiest way.
  6. Hi, On a record fair I met a seller from Austria, Harald Rohrauer, who had some pretty good stuff. But I was so stupid to forget to ask his email address, and knowing he's also activ on Ebay, I wonder if anyone here knows him or his email address ? Any help would be appreciated. Hans

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