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Six Degrees of Separation


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I notice that someone started a 'degrees of separation' thread a while ago, but it stopped quite quickly. I was just wondering about a slightly different idea, whereby someone posts the names of 2 rock/metal bands and someone else has to make the connection between them in 6 moves or less. That person then names 2 bands, etc, etc. The connection has to be a band member who has been in (or guested in) both bands. For example, if the bands were Dio and Suicidal Tendencies, the steps could be:


Dio - Sabbath

Sabbath - Infectious Grooves (Ozzy sang on 'Therapy' by IT)

Infectious Grooves - Suicidal Tendencies (Mike Muir)


There may be other ways of making the connection, it doesn't matter.


What do you think? Worth a go?

If so, I'll kick off with:

Rough Cutt + Yngwie Malmsteen.

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