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Millenium Axe


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Now thats cool shit right there, but too bad he didnt carve the body out of real wood instead of ruining a vintage toy


Millenium Falcon Guitar



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    • Yeah why not. I have read stories how Soviets used to sing Communist praise songs as they got shipped off to gulags, never believing their government and the police that served the government could ever turn against them. Let's all sit around a campfire as our rights are removed and all our movements are enthusiastically policed. We the sheeple.
    • Aw, so sorry to offend you with three magic words that seem to be a big trigger for you. I hope you never to listen to Public Enemy as you will break down and cry. No doubt your cop buddies won't be charging into crowds with batons protesting against fascist laws. If they do, "following orders, then they are responsible for their actions. Ps. And if I need help in parenting from you, I will let you know.
    • Use Your Head - Overkill 
    • The Grinding Wheel -Overkill
    • Marcus Lamb was a prominent televangelist, founder of Texas-based Christian Daystar Television Network, and an influential anti-vaccine advocate. Lamb often spoke against Covid-19 vaccines on his show, calling them an "experimental shot" that was "dangerous." Lamb's wife and children frequently appeared on the decades-old network that reportedly reached over 108 million households. The Lambs repeatedly questioned the efficacy of the vaccines, warning that they killed people, or caused them to have neurological disorders. Instead of getting vaccinated, Lamb would say, "we can pray" and use alternatives like the animal anti-parasite drug Ivermectin. But in mid-November, Lamb contracted the virus, and on Tuesday, he died.
    • I'm a Styx fan, and I really tried to like this album, but just could not get into it. Oh well. I see they just announced 2022 summer co-headliner tour with REO, with Loverboy opening. Some pretty big venues; will be interesting to see if they can draw in.....
    • Your Imagination-Hall & Oates
    • Your Disease - Saliva
    • Berlin (CNN)Germany on Thursday announced a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated, as its leaders backed plans for mandatory vaccinations in the coming months. Unvaccinated people will be banned from accessing all but the most essential businesses, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, to curb the spread of coronavirus, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor, Olaf Scholz, announced Thursday, following crisis talks with regional leaders. Those who have recently recovered from Covid-19 are not covered by the ban. The pair also backed proposals for mandatory vaccinations, which if voted through the parliament could take effect from February at the earliest.
    • Four Wheel Drive - BTO
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