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Warp Drive - Something To Believe In compilation


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This is a compilation of the songs on the 2nd unreleased cd that was recently resleased online and for download






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    • Oh I'm more than happy to do that. It's sooo obvious all cultures base their events around the seasons and they've all stolen from previous cultures. Christmas tree comes from nordic countries and putting food on trees in the middle of winter to feed animals, for example.  Birth during the darkest nights. Could that in any way possibly symbolise the end of the year and birth of the new year. Of course it does.  I'm actually fine with 'Christmas' as it's a nice time to spend with family , freinds and have some downtime. Giving and receiving gifts also nice. The word is losing it's religious meaning in Europe even though the clue's in the name.   
    • It's a fairly simple equation for me. The odds of everything just existing are incredibly small and pretty well impossible. I find the idea that something exists from out of nowhere with the power to create everything even more unlikely.  Humanity has thousands and thousands of Gods. Why is yours the truth? Every one has a different moral code. Weird that. Believe what you like. Just don't make laws that all should follow based on interpretation of a moral code from thousands of years ago.
    • Truth be told, those on both ends of the religious spectrum can be pretty intolerant at times. Depending on the issue, I can lean towards either end. Personally, I was raised an agnostic (which is what I believe you would classify yourself as Geoff). There may be "a God" or "Gods" or there might not be, I just don't know. I don't say that there is a supreme deity, nor do I deny the existience of one... if it/they exist, they've not revealed themselves to me. I personally believe that religious faith (or the equivalent insistence in the lack thereof) is a personal, internal determination. It cannot be taught, persuaded, or beaten into you. Providing lipservice one way or the other while believing otherwise would seemingly defeat the entire purpose, as in the event there IS a supreme being, they would be able to see/hear/determine your actual thoughts and feelings regardless of what you opine publicly. It may be that in time I will have an epiphany or some life-altering event that will change my perception and thus my faith... or not. Only time will tell. Until then, I believe that there are some very strong tenets of Christianity (and other religions) that are just good concepts to live by... and others that are hypocritical AF. There are times that I think that religous zealotry goes over the top, e.g., the fundamentalist regligios "Right" here in this country, and there are also times where atheists go over the top in their anti-religious zealotry, e.g., lawsuits over a cross or a nativity scene on public/government property. Seriously? Add to all this the milticultural/diversity shrieking over Christmas trees, the Baby Jesus, and other idiotic whining, and I am more than happy to wish everyone specifically a "Merry Chistmas!" and decidedly *NOT* "Happy Holidays", just to piss those people off.
    • Yesterday Only Happen In My Mind - Trash Bats
    • Vol.1 The Awakening -  Voodoo X
    • Dirty Looks - Turn Of The Screw (Rock Candy Remaster)
    • Humanity - Hour 1 - Scorpions
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