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Pomp rock..the breath of angels to inspire mere mortals

Nick C

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I woke up in a bed, it was a hospital bed, white , white everywhere....had I died?


A smiling nurse bent over me and reassured me I would be fine - I wasn't sure, I felt sick, I felt ABANDONED!


I looked to my right then to my left, beds just like mine but empty these people had recovered. Through my misty eyes I could see the previous occupants leaving the ward.

Punk....revived by corporate endorsement and the homogenisation of any angst it had....."Have a Green Day" it said as it passed me by, Iggy Pop stopped, took pity and passed me a saving on car insurance...so punk!


Next I could see my brother Prog....man he was in fine fettle "Complete cure my man!" He said to me, his whiskers brushing my face as he leant over....."We're of the same blood, there'll be a cure for you too ... count on it!!!!!" He looked me in the eye and was loathe to leave, "Wait, wait here's your sister"


The beautiful form of AOR came into my line of vision. She looked drawn, obviously had fought a battle or two but ... looked good... a few tired lines but clean reborn, maybe not as strong as once was but looking defiant. She bent down and lay her cool hands on my fevered brow, "Be strong my wonderous one, this is not the end for you....as we live then so shall you....running with a broken heart in the night", she could never help adding a cliche!


On his way out Glam looked over...he looked good...he always did...and cool too...curse him, he blew a kiss and wished me the best...he'd love to stay but time was tickin', have I any lipstick??? No??? Later dude...get well man! The sentiment was there.


It was visiting time, the doors burst open, AOR and Prog looked around startled.....heavy metal and hard rock came in always in the best of health....."HEY MAN WE'RE HERE WITH SOME ROSES ...C'MON GETCHASELF UP!!!!...HEY MAN I GOT SOME GRAPES!!!!!" They looked around......saw me ...checked my chart !

"LOOKING SO-SO MATE...YEAH TOUCH AND GO...CHEER UP THOUGH IT COULD BE WORSE...IT COULD BE US HAHAHAHA!" They shoved a few grapes in my mouth and disappeared, apparently they had to go to the funeral of someone called Grunge.

AOR and Prog looked at me, AOR spoke "We have to go....this desert I call my heart that's bleeding on the run in the night"...there she goes again with the cliches.

Prog looked concerned "We'll check on you tomorrow...I promise, we will not forget our brother", they left the ward on flying keyboards........I was alone, everyone had recovered and left.. to an extent, well not grunge I never met him...and now he was 6ft under.

I looked at my chart


POMP - NIL BY MOUTH, (keep keyboards away!) and I needed an arpreggio.







Yeah yeah nice story you jerk.


Anyway the point is, Prog has enjoyed a huge revival, AOR has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts.....but what about pomp rock.

I can't think of too many bands flying the flag these days apart from well Flag!! and Lightspeed (but LSpeed been a little quiet over the last 12 months!)...Styx have descended into cabaret AOR...so who is out there being pomptastic and dealing out ultra over the top mayhem?

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