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Seventh Rain - 'The ghost in me'


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Well, may as well start of with the f*cker - unfortunately this is another one only available for download, by the looks of it. Which is a real shame, considering this is about as good a modern rock CD as I've heard this year. My top 10 has actually shaped up to be pretty decent, but there's still nothing that's blown me away. And this doesn't do it either, but it's probably the closest an album has come this year... in modern rock. It's nothing new or anything, but if you like your modern rock melodic, with big catchy choruses... well, this needs to spin through your ears. I really enjoyed this a lot.


01. One to Fall

02. I Don't Even Know You

03. Stop Pretending

04. The Ghost In Me

05. Breathe Then React

06. If You Can

07. I'm Here

08. The Notion

09. Secret

10. Same Old Dream


I'd love to see this get a physical release, but the list of bands that desperately need a physical release (No Love Lost, Fallbrooke, Crashcarburn etc.) only increases, without any of them ever actually releasing the physical thing... well not yet anyway.

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Sounds pretty good. One of your better finds.

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