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Bad ebay buyer !

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We all know this person and his name is David Moors from Australia, he buys CDS and does not pay for them he is on message boards blabbering his mouth and ignores emails sent to him from me about ebay wins . What a guy how would it be if I ordered from you and did not pay . I am so tired of people wining CDS and then they do not pay . I don't care if the person is the head of Sony Music or some no body!! Tired of it and it needs to stop!!!I hate fuckin' doing this but I am fuckin' pissed as hell ebay is not free.............

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Well if it's the same David Moors I know he is the guy who runs Suncity Records. Weird because he's always been very good and reliable to deal with (from a business to business standpoint). He's always seemed like a stand-up kind of guy to me, so hopefully it's just a misunderstanding or miscommunication. You definitely deserve to get paid.





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