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Guest dragomilov

I'm pleased to present LA FAMIGLIA SUPERSTAR

Debut album for this Superband, formed by great musicians of the international hard rock scene.

We find Terry Ilous (XYZ, Jeff Pilson, Chris Slade, Vinnie Apice ...), on vocals, Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, David Lee Roth, Ted Nugent, Blue Murder ...) on bass, the drummer Atma Anur ( Journey, David Bowie, Richie Kotzen, Tony Macalpine ...) and Steve Saluto( guitar hero with numerous albums and several collaborations assets) on guitar.

La Famiglia Superstar appears, then, with this self-titled album, where, with an excellent production, and the alchemy produced by the four artists, captures the attention of the listener.

the opener song”Never Enough” is hard rock cool sparkling,

The band also playing the path of experimentation, the smearing of colored funk “What We Gonna Do” or contaminating the modern rock of “Can U Tell Me” which gives us a compelling refrain.


Airy sounds take over the quiet “I Come Around” which then turn into delicious acoustic notes in sensual “Closer” or the profound and hopeful ”I Miss You”


Sensations such as unpredictability and then are transformed into feeling relaxed version of the classic Whitesnake’s song “Here I Go Again”or in acustic ”The Wind” sung in French, only to end hit the wall of sound instrumental “Visions” overflowing riffs and so much groove.

An album full of melody and great rock!

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Hey scallop, thanks for the heads up on the new bands... any links for the lazy people amongst us? :) Cheers.

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    • Folk, Prog, AORish.... however you wanna categorize them, these are some of the best vocal harmonies I've heard in forever. Lots of comparisons to Crosby, Stills & Nash in the YT comments Figure this should appeal to some here....           “Troika“, combining the immense talents of Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train), Neal Morse (Transatlantic) and Ross Jennings (Haken), initially began with Morse writing some acoustic songs he thought would be enhanced by strong vocal harmonies. After reuniting with former Spock’s Beard bandmate Nick D’Virgilio, the duo specifically sought out Jennings to complete the trio (all of whom contributed material to the project). Recorded during lockdown, D’VIRGILIO, MORSE & JENNINGS delivers melodic acoustic-filled anthems, charged rockers and sensitive ballads – all part of the mix – and the unique blend of the three voices and styles have created an album in which you will encounter these musicians in a way you’ve never heard before. Are you a fan of acoustic rock from the ‘70s with a touch of classic rock thrown in? If so, you’re going to absolutely love ”Troika”. This mostly-acoustic rock offering spends the first half bathing you in Crosby, Stills, and Nash-like acoustic pop rock full of fabulous multi-part lead vocal harmonies while the second half throws in some Hendrix meets Styx meets Foreigner classic rock to up the attitude. It’s such a fine record that the masses need to hear, and while the super-group last name approach will work fine for prog rock diehards, it just doesn’t roll off the tongue for the people who will really enjoy this record the most – regular lovers of vocal harmony-rich classic rock. Heck, even calling the band Troika would have been simpler. This is one of those delightful albums that has soothing melodic wonders and ripping, ‘70s-vibe classic rock tunes, and there truly isn’t a weak link in the 12-song collection. If you’re one of those people complaining that they just aren’t making great rock albums like they used to, you’ll want to grab a copy of this CD as soon as it’s released. Highly Recommended   01 – Everything I Am 02 – Julia 03 – You Set My Soul on Fire 04 – One Time Less 05 – Another Trip Around the Sun 06 – A Change Is Gonna Come 07 – If I Could 08 – King for a Day 09 – Second Hand Sons 10 – My Guardian 11 – What You Leave Behind 12 – Julia (Alternative Version) [Bonus Track] Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train) – vocals, drums Neal Morse (Transatlantic) vocals, keys, bass, guitars Ross Jennings (Haken) vocals, guitar
    • "Down to the Devil" is quite catchy. Shame this is only available on VINYL and as a digital download as far as I can tell... 
    • Sad isn't it. Listened to Sultans last night. That was so good.  This still sounds like 1 endless song with different words. A travesty and a waste.
    • The Needle Lies-Queensryche
    • Yeah such a mark up from them on certain things recently...the Devils Train & Madhouse cds where up in the region too...unreal   it cost £15odd direct from record company...with VAT & postage.
    • I pretty much love everything they release. Heavyharmonies samples of the rest of the album sound great, too.
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