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I just listeted to both albums by these guys last night at one, and they are awesome! I don't see how I never paid no attention to this group. Name of the albums are "February Son", and "Unwind". I tried to post a link to their web site so you can check them out. I don't know if they have a myspace page or not. Some may not like, but I liked them.





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Couldn't get into these guys at all - had their CDs on my sales list for years. Decent band, but just no songs grabbed me. Here's what's still on my list for anyone interested:


Oleander - february son - Modern rock / pop punk $3.00

Oleander - joyride - Modern rock / pop punk $3.00

Oleander - unwind - Modern rock / pop punk $3.00

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I like a few songs. Of course their hit "Why I'm Here", from "February Son" is excellent. I also like "Are You There?" from "Unwind". Very underrated band IMO.

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