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My 20 questions with Tamplin


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As many of you know, or possibly all of you, im over obssessed with Gigantic fake sounding production on my music, to the point, where I quit just recording local bands, and spent all my waking available time in my room, by myself trying to figure out what the biggest fakest wall of sound is I can possibly come up with, and ive stumbled onto some pretty killer fake sounding shit, but I said fuck it and decided to grill Tamplin on facebook, as he has maybe one of the most phoney fake, synthetic, over done albums ever made, Magdallan - Big Bang, I thought I had done alot to get the sound that I got, fuck I wasnt even in the ball park, not even a quarter of the way, this was the response I asked about Radio Bikini impaticular,



"That's a big question. The easiest answer I can give you is that on most of those tracks, (for example) I sang the chorus about 80 times (80 overdubs) with different tambers of my voice in a large range. Some breathy, some very heavy, some in between much like how Def Leopard recorded all their vocals.

That song took about 1 1/2 full days to sing the BGV's averaging about 6-8 hours per day of singing"



8 fucking hours!! for 1 1\2 days, of singing the exact same fucking thing over, and over, and over, and over!! fuck that shit, I aint even going to do that for my own benefit, to learn, i'll learn that when someone pays me enough money to learn it while I record them!

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