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Anyone have problems recently with CD Inzane?

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In the last couple of years I've been ordering from CD Inzane.com with no problems. Good selection, they usually have the lowest price and the shipping has always been reasonably priced and quick delivery. I've had no problems at all and I usually order once a month.


CD Inzane had a Black Friday sale (30% off your entire order) between the hours of 7am Eastern - 12pm Eastern and I registered my account number. When I called, they told me to get everything in my cart ahead of time, sign in at 7am on the dot and checkout, this would be the best way to get as much on my list as I wanted. I overslept that AM and didn't place my order until 10:30 so I only got a couple of discs I wanted. I was late so no harm no foul.


This past Saturday they had another 30% off sale so I registered again, set the alarm clock for 6:45 and had my order in by 7:01am. I specifically wanted to pick up the new Pagan's Mind - Live Equation 3 disc set so that was 1st in the cart. I check my status yesterday and it says that only 1 item (out of 6) was filled because "the order was later than most other orders" and it wasn't Pagan's Mind. I go to Ebay and check the CD Inzane auctions and there is the Pagan's Mind set for sale and the auction says "10 available". WTF?


Like I said, haven't had a problem at all in the last couple of years but all of sudden I can't get a simple order filled during these special sales. I understand the Black Friday sale because I overslept but the Saturday sale I was printing my order confirmation 1 minute after the sale started. Either the volume is that high or there wasn't any product in the 1st place!


Anyone here have similar problems or past problems?

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To me, the eBay stock available number seems abit estimated at times. Have ordered from eBay shops in the past and had them message me back saying the stock was out and the eBay available # shown is a bunch of piss. But that could be an isolated eBay shop error listing thing.

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