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Dead By Sunrise - 'Out of Ashes'


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As I was saying in the 'first spins' thread, if you always had a moderate interest in Linkin Park but were always scared away by the grotesque rapping... but you hungered to hear those beautiful melodies untainted, well, this may just be the CD for you. Here's the side project from the actual singer in Linkin Park and the good news is there is not a trace of any rapping anywhere on this. Just pure, catchy, well written modern rock from start to finish. It's actually a really good disc, imo. Try it out:





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Yes I agree it is. I always liked Linkin Park but the rapping did put a damper on it. Chester Bennington's voice is really good and this showcases it perfectly. I like "Let Down" and "End Of The World" best.

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