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Has anyone else seen these?

Captain Howdy

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Was searching Amazon.co.uk a few days ago, and stumbled on this:


Then tonight, I stumbled on this:



Both are on Cleopatra Records, and both appear to only be on vinyl (the Winger one seems to be a limited edition one).


Neither really gives any indication of whats on them, other than the Winger one being demos, so I dont know if its stuff thats already available, or something new.

Couldnt see anything on the Cleopatra website, and I know they have released loads of re-recorded comps, but they also got hold of loads of rare shit for the Hollywood rocks boxset.


Also wondering what else has been released like this.

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Never heard of or seen'em but they look pretty dang cool. I'd be interested in them White Lion/Jetboy ones. Too bad I no longer have a working turntable. :crying:

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