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Paul Stanley - One Live KISS


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Anyone looking for a cool DVD to add to the collection, check out Paul Stanley - 'One Live KISS'. Released last year, the DVD was filmed in support of his solo album 'Live To Win' at the House Of Blues, Chicago in late 2006. It has a great set list consisting of not only many of the Live To Win tracks but also some lesser flogged tunes from the KISS catalogue and his first solo album (and a few over flogged ones as well).


'Hide Your Heart' from Hot In The Shade is a stunning track as is 'Everytime I See You Around' from Live To Win.


His voice remains amazing and the musicians supporting him are top class as well.


Highly recommended.




01. Prologue

02. Live To Win (Live To Win)

03. Hide Your Heart (Hot In The Shade)

04. A Million To One (Lick It Up)

05. Got To Choose (Hotter Than Hell)

06. Move On (P.S 1st solo record)

07. Bulletproof (Live To Win)

08. Tonight You Belong To Me (P.S 1st solo record)

09. Lick It Up (Lick It Up)

10. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me? (P.S 1st solo record)

11. Magic Touch (Dynasty)

12. I Still Love You (Creatures Of The Night)

13. Strutter (KISS)

14. Everytime I See You Around (Live To Win)

15. Do You Love Me? (Destroyer)

16. I Want You (Rock N' Roll Over)

17. Love Gun (Love Gun)

18. Lift (Live To Win)

19. Detroit Rock City (Destroyer)

20. Goodbye (P.S 1st solo record)

21. End Cridits Montage - Where Angels Dare/Live To Win

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