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Royal Hunt working on new release!

& then

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I think they kind of lost it after the Mission album. I think Paradox II damage control was fairly rubbish as well. The hooks weren't there anymore. It's kind of sad for me since Royal Hunt have done some of my favorite albums of all time. I am still a giant fan of the old albums (Fuck, I even have the logo tattoed on my shoulder) but the band does not really interest me anymore, which is really sad :(.

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Very sad indeed. :(Ive been a fan for over 10 years and all their music. Sure I like some better than others. Songs & albums. Singers too. But I still love the music they are making. They would have to REALLY put out a REAL peice of crap before I would stop listening. I dont think thats gonna happen. Not for me anyway. ;)

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