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ROCKLAHOMA side stage poll


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Even tougher.. OK, Who would you see..?

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Lickity Split - I like these guys


Hollywood Harlot - Don't know the other 2 but these guys sound glammy.


Frontrunner - Nasty Nasty sounded cool, but I know these guys better and would love to see them.


Britny Fox - I'd just hope the band actually resembled Britny Fox. :)


Silent Rage - Even though they absolutely suck these days I'd see these guys hoping they only played material from the first two albums. Would be absolutely livid about missing Hericane Alice.


Icon - easy choice.


Lillian Axe - Again, even though they're terrible these days I'd be hoping for material from the glory days. Would be disappointed if they sucked because although I don't know any anything about Mass (aside from the average 'Crack of dawn') I'd be interested to see them.

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Day 3 picks...


One - Lickity Split


Two - Letchen Grey


Three - Nasty Nasty


Four - Cuttlass (Might be interesting to check out Britny Fox line-up)


Five - Hericane Alice (Silent Rage still a possibility.. Hericane Alice wasn't that great when I saw them in 1989)


Six - Icon (Seen this version of Faster Pussycat way too many times... hate them.)


Seven - Lillian Axe ( I hate to miss R. Munroe as he puts on a really good show... But there is no way I'll miss Lillian Axe)

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