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Last Winter - 'Under The Silver Of Machines'


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Had this for a few months now as part of the HUGE haul I had from the secondspin sales, but this seems to be the pick of the bunch. If not the pick, close to the top. Great disc with so many awesome tracks.






1. Cassiopeia - 0:59

2. The Violent Things - 3:21

3. A Pacific Romance - 3:13

4. Kiss So Hard - 2:56

5. Girl Next Door - 4:00

6. Standing Here - 3:48

7. Our Summer In Illinois - 3:36

8. Made For TV - 3:48

9. Don't Forget To Write - 3:38

10. Chasing Lights - 4:01

11. Starlight Drive - 4:22

12. Vela To Norma - 5:52


Check them out here:



Pick up one of these in the next no-cost shipping Secondspin sales:


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Nice, Chris. Funnily enough when I had a few spare moments the other day I was going through the music threads looking for bands I hadn't had the chance to hear yet, and I saw this thread still had no replies and was saddened.


This is a seriously good CD that can be picked up for pocket change at most places I've seen, always cheap in the Secondspin sales: http://www.secondspin.com/search.jsp?page=...0&image.y=5

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