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The Fallen


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It looks like this band already has a new name.


From Blabbermouth:


The new band featuring original EVANESCENCE members Ben Moody (guitar) and John LeCompt (guitar) and Rocky Gray (drums) along with "American Idol" powerhouse vocalist Carly Smithson has reportedly been slapped with a cease-and-desist notice over its use of THE FALLEN moniker. (Note: The Moody / Smithson project has since re-branded itself as WE ARE THE FALLEN.)


Alfadog Music, which represents Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's THE FALLEN, said in a statement, "We are truly sorry for the confusion that stemmed [last week] from an unexpected announcement from SKH Music [the management of Moody and Smithson's new group]. The band will continue to bring their music to the fans and perform as THE FALLEN."


Philadelphia's THE FALLEN (MySpace page) was formed in late 2005 as an experimental project by musicians Gabe Horning and Mark Bolger. The band released its debut album, "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea", in August 2008. A follow-up effort, "Between The Angels And The Deep Dark Sky", came out last week.


Neither Pennsylvania's THE FALLEN nor WE ARE THE FALLEN is to be confused with the Orange County, California-based act — and Metal Blade recording artist — THE FALLEN (MySpace page) which formed more than 15 years ago and released "numerous CDs and demos" under that name. According to a letter that was sent to WE ARE THE FALLEN's management last week (and which was subsequently forwarded to BLABBERMOUTH.NET), Metal Blade's THE FALLEN "has been dormant for a few years but is preparing a comeback and new album with the popularity of metal at a new high."

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