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The Tubes touring constantly


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I know a few of you guys are as big of Tubes fans as I am, and not only do they have good songs, they are an incredibly Tech band when they play live, some of their songs are so watered down on the albums, you can hardly listen to them after you hear them live, I noticed since the last time I saw them 3 years ago, I watch their website, they only play certain places, I found this kind of odd, I wonder why they do that? anyways, if you love them and want to see them, and your anywhere in the general vicinity of Utah, they are playing in the city I live in Ogden, June 25th at Lindquist Field, they are with Blue Oyster Cult, and it's $20, that's it, and last concerts I went to, they sat around, signed shit, I grilled Fee about a bunch of stuff I had always wondered, like couldnt he just please couldnt he kidnap Lukather, take him to a secret location, and not let him out until the write an entire album of equal quality or better then Read My Lips??? he just laughed, you know that laugh, when a reporter asks a goverment official, or an athlete, you wonder why they are asking because you already know what the answers going to be, but it was worth a try! great band, and they care that they are still relevant, this many years after there pinnacle.

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